Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tabouli Micro Greens and Cashew's

My homegrown micro Greens with Tabouli.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Widget in our beer.

My wife and I very seldom have a beer. We decided to buy some Friday. We chose a case of Guinness Draught. We chose the dark beer for what was mentioned on Dr. Oz.. Something to do with less fat on the belly for beer drinkers plus.
I'm  bringing  the case of beer into the  house. I hear  this clanging like bells. I said to myself what is in this case.
I open it up and pour a great headed beer.
My wife takes the can and say's what's in this beer can? We cut the can open and there is a little ping pong type ball inside.
So my wife say lets Google There is a Ball in my beer. To learn more the link is below.
This beer is very good tasting to my wife and our taste buds.

 We purchased the beer at Sam's Club. 
It was mentioned limited supply.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Selling and Listing on the Internet.

Selling and Listing on the Internet.

I started years back on eBay 100% Positive Feedback.

I set up three other sites in the past 2 months. I first circled the wagon's had a look around. I read in their forums first and in a few others sites as well. I Jumped threw the hoops and loops learning my way around the sites while listing items.
Then one site woke me up on the issue of Trust. Did people have trust in me and Feedback.
I must start all over again. I tore that site down ASAP!

I ended up opening a shop Etsy listing for sale my Dichroic Glass Pendants.

I Stumpled into PlumDrop and I saw Bonzale group now Bonanza.
I opened up a booth in Bonanza listing Dichroic Pendants and Cliff's Treasure Chest and finally had a sale in a short time.

I read in a lot of forums on the internet especially Handmade Items.
All with great people and knowledge and helping others sharing.

What caught my attention subjects Relevancy ,SEO, Tags, Trust, Trust Rank, Page Rank, Sales, Adds.

I said Stop Cliff Stop Cliff Stop!  I put on the Brakes don't list any Beads or items. 
I guess Luke never got his mind right well I had to.

I took some time to reflect while I did my Lampwork. I could make more Dichroic Pendants. I could keep more for the future to sell or I could donate them someday.
I could just some day toss them into the sea.
Now that would make one Heck of a Video on YouTube.
Years of Handmade Glass Beads Thrown back into the Sea to be sand.
Check out my channel for updates subscribe.

I decided to read a few books on SEO Search Engine Optimization.
I must have read seven books in the past month and I still wont stop reading.

Last night after finishing one book. I said to my wife the little guy really has no chance in this Big Arena. The Giants control this and we get the crumbs.

Stay Tuned for more in my next Blog.

Have A Great Day!