Friday, October 26, 2012

Aeroponics Tomato's, Eggplant and Rooting Firespike update.

Aeroponics Tomato's, Eggplant and Rooting Firespike update.
This morning while Sandy is moving up the coast I transplanted my plants.

The only rooting plants that took from my last blog was the Firespike.  I placed them in pots with some other flower plants that didn't take.

The Tomato, and Eggplants are now in 3 inch net pots with cleaned clay ball's around the rockwool seedlings.

Botanicare 3 2 4 Pure Blend Pro is being used in each container. Pumps will spray all plants 24/7 until plants are larger. Once they grow I will transplant to other tanks with less net pots in each.

 Update pictures Jan 6, 2013 These plants were trimmed from the original above.
Plants were separated and placed in Media Bags. Only a few are left from the frost. Some were destroyed in bags with NPK overload.
I did get a good crop of tomato's. These plants face south and are still producing tomato's.
 This was a large plant great tasting tomato's still producing Jan 6, 2012
Eggplants growing in Flower House.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rooting Cassia Bicapsularis,Firebush,Firespike,plus.

This morning I rooted some Cassia, Firebush, and Firespike plants for the Butterfly's.
I also started some Eggplants for the late winter planting for early spring.
My wife mentioned while writing this post.  The Giant Swallowtail kept following her around the yard while working.
Nothing new they know we are providing plants and habitat for them and other animals.

The best dollar investment for a home  I ever spent was our Butterfly Garden plants!

I used Rockwool media PH roughly 6.5. I used rooting powder on the stems.
Hopefully I will see some results. If not I will try them again especially the Cassia.

My wife has transplanted the Firebush stems  in areas of the yard with some great results.

We just love our visiting butterfly's, dragonfly's and a few Humingbirds.

The Cassia bush has been my favorite plant for attracting butterfly's.
It is ready to bloom with flowers shortly.
The butterfly's work this bush regularly everyday.  I really feel they get off on this plant the most.
Then they visit the other plants for nectar and hosting.
 Rooting powder in my GEM tray for applying to stems.

 Rooting powder I cut the Rockwool cubes one side then insert stems.
Cassia ready to bloom in next day our two. The first bloom from spring planting. This was a very small  bush. This is now my favorite plant from spring 2012 plantings.

 Firebush a real butterfly and Humingbird nectar plant.
 Firebush planted spring 2012 a very nice plant but tender to the touch of breaking stems.

Two Lantana plants 3 years old gets cut back every late winter to roughly one foot high.
These are great butterfly plants.

Green's Georgia Colards, Turnip Greens,  Lettuce, and Cabbage small right.
Eggplant rear tall by fence and yummy!

Plenty of greens for winter and early spring so easy with little time and effort.
Cucumbers in Butterfly house and Tomato plants in other areas.
We like our greens small and tender.
I also enjoy my Microgreens I can grow in less the one week.

Lost the majority of our Squash groves they were destroyed in one week by catapillars.
I had pounds of squash flowers that were lost. I love squash flowers for breakfast.
I don't believe in spraying plants with insecticides. If the lizards, frogs and birds can't take care of them oh well.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rye Berry and Spicy Mix Microgreens

Rye Berry Seed on Sure To Grow Mat

                                            Rye Berry Seed Microgreens Roughly 4 days.
                Spicy Mix Microgreens 4 days old I will let them grow to over the top of tray.
                                                                     Spicy Mix

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cucumber 2.4 Pounds and Peppers Plus July 31 2012

2.4 Pounds a firm Cucumber grown verticle in grow house. Next  crop for fall I will see how much larger I can grow them.
People I give them to say they never tasted Great Cucumbers like this before.
I wrap them in  plastic wrap and they will be firm for over a week.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cucumbers July 5, 2012 4.9 Lbs

Picked July 5, 2012 7 am  total 4.9 Lbs. The large one weight is  1.7 Lbs. They have  very good clean  skins. I will cut one later to eat and show the inside quality.
                                                  This was from the small Cuke above.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Starter Seeds in Rockwool Media for my Fall Crop Plus

 July 1 2012 starter Tomato, Cucumbers, Peppers, and Collards.
Microgreens July 1, 2012
 July 3 2012 I decided to try one of these Cucumbers Nutty Fruity taste excellent. No need to peal the skin on these Cukes and seedless.
 July 2, 2012 These went through 120 degree heat this summer so far.
 July 2, 2012
Cucumber getting choked by tenticles. I try to keep  up removing tenicles but they grow quick.
I upped my nutrients today 2 minute flooding of bags. Plus I flush with regular water everyday to remove excess salts.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1 2012 Microgreens and Cucumbers Hydroponic and Aeroponic

 Microgreens Spicy Mix real firm and crunchy Five days of growth.
 Sure to Grow Mat root mass clean. Will be cut above the mat and washed extra seeds go to the birds.
 See how the roots follow the tray channels.
 Cucumber update July 1 2012 early morning. These will be ready for the before the fourth.
Getting crowded in the Butterfly house.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cucumbers Starting to Pop. Hydroponics and Aeroponics plus.

Cucumbers are in between stems with flower in front.

I should be cutting out the crooked cucumbers but I feel I don't need them straight no pealing of
skin needed.
Cucumbers popped see the flower in front of cucumber. Watch future growth develop each day I will monitor growth. I will try to pick them at one pound. Friends are waiting they say they never tasted such great tasting seedless cucumbers. No need to peal these cucumbers.
These Cucumbers can take the heat sometimes 120 degrees with fan on. Trial crop in this hot summer in FL. Pond tank outside for cucumbers I have it open and later I will close with Hurricane shutters. Checked drippers this morning and I will be adding 70 gallons of Hydro mix tonight.
Cleaned tent this morning bottles are only different nutrients for leafs spraying. No pesticides are used.
Tomato's are having a hard time in heat cleaned all tanks this morning and added 50 ml. of
Nutrient's. This fall's crop should be good I wil be starting seeds at the end of month.

Last weeks 6 day Microgreens plus we ate some already hummy. All washed cleaned extra seeds go to the birds.
 June 16, 2012 started another Microgreen tray. All tray's are cleaned for a new tray of Microgreens.
 Watermellon small but good taste.
 My wimp pepper and one tomato pepper in doors to stay cooler. Very green and finally they seem to be coming back slowly.
Eggplant has a lot of nice flowers this morning whats up with this today. Maybe because I added extra nutrients from tanks left over and old batch. 
Swallowtail came to thank my wife  the other day. It followed her and kept coming up to her face. I have a lot of Butterfly's that are showing up.
They love the host plants we started. I have two Monarch catapillars cleaning off a plant seems like it is taking them over three weeks of eating plants.