Saturday, November 5, 2011

Widget in our beer.

My wife and I very seldom have a beer. We decided to buy some Friday. We chose a case of Guinness Draught. We chose the dark beer for what was mentioned on Dr. Oz.. Something to do with less fat on the belly for beer drinkers plus.
I'm  bringing  the case of beer into the  house. I hear  this clanging like bells. I said to myself what is in this case.
I open it up and pour a great headed beer.
My wife takes the can and say's what's in this beer can? We cut the can open and there is a little ping pong type ball inside.
So my wife say lets Google There is a Ball in my beer. To learn more the link is below.
This beer is very good tasting to my wife and our taste buds.

 We purchased the beer at Sam's Club. 
It was mentioned limited supply.

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