Saturday, December 31, 2011

Compost Organic Mix with Perlite

Today I picked up some clips from Staples to fasten the the plastic to the Hoop House.
I added Ten Five Gallon pails of Perlite 8 cubic feet rgh. to the Four Foot by eight  foot box frame. I then added 20 Five gallon pails of the Organic Mix 16 cubic feet rgh.  I decided not to use any Sphagnum Moss. This Organic Mix looks excellent and it will be a good trial run for 2012.
This box was  made with 2" x 8" PT wood.  The medium material is to much I feel for this box. I will be filling containers to remove some material.  Then again when the material is wet it will be lower in the box.
Caution use dusk mask and glasses when mixing.  After I added the first Ten gallons of damp Organic dust came down. Please read all instructions from MFG prior to using any product.
 Two 4 cubic bags 36 lbs rgh.
 Ten gallons of Organic Mix.
 Twenty Gallons of Organic Mix.
30 Gallons Perlite and Organic Mix. No water added to lower in box frame.
The Big paper clips appears that they will hold the poly.  I won't be adding seed to this box until later in 2012.
I will be using this box at first for filling containers for butterfly plants.
While working on a Monarch Butterfly came up to my face. It flew over to my Bolted Collard Flower took some nectar and flew way up 100 feet or more in the sky over some large Pine trees.
Have A Great New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hoop House Two Hours

Here is my first Hoop House.  Built in less then Two Hours from leaving cash register at Home Depot.
Finding my tools and setting up took time.  Framing square would have been nice to set the brackets. I managed with the small square.
Brackets were set loose prior to screwing in corners of the Four Foot By Eight Foot Box.
I didn't set any cross bars of 1/2 inch PVC.  I feel light frost fabric cover will be fine for the cool nights.
Cost was $53.20 the screws were close to $17.50 plus tax. Total with left over screws and Two 1/2 inch PVC pipes was $53.20 rgh.
The Construction grade fabric was a yard sale fine of $2 for a large four foot roll. Today I noticed Sam's club Fabric went way up in price from last year close to $29 and change.
All the corners are 45 degree cuts on the 2" X 8" Yellow Wood Treated lumber.  I know its treated not alarmed about any roots sucking up the chemical's.  I may place a piece of clear plastic to separate wood from dirt.
A few pictures while I built this Hoop House.
Looks like I may have to get ready for a larger one LOL.

My wife and I decided to place it in Semi Sun Shade next to a large Lantana Butterfly plant.
It gets to hot here in Florida to quickly for this N Easterner.  Compost Organic will go inside the box.
Construction grade fabric was stapled on to bottom then unit flipped over.
The 1/2 inch PVC wasn't cut 10 foot pieces went right into the brackets. If I had a 1/2 inch Conduit Tube bender I would use that instead of PVC. Use caution and glasses when cutting wood or bending PVC.  The box will be staked to stop wood from twisting when it dry's.
Thanks to all those that have taken their time in showing how they built their Hoop Houses.

January 3, 2012 Cold front hits Florida 35 degrees at night. Inside Hoop House 39 degrees. This had no time to heat up during late prior day. 39 degrees 6 am rgh.

January 3, 2012 Cold front hits Florida 35 degrees at night. 11:00 PM in semi shade 59 degrees inside hoop house. Weather bureau says 42 degree in area.  I will monitor later to see temps.

Jan 4, 2012 11:00 PM 59 degrees 45 degrees outside wind chill. This is taken from bottom of Hoop House. Upper side will be warmer.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cucumbers Aeroponics 12/22/2011 update

                                                           12/22/11 Cucumbers update

Monday, December 19, 2011

Eighty Two Hours and now in the net pot.

Eighty Two Hours from seed and now some are in the net pot. My Lady Cucumbers Rock!

 82 Hours from seed to this I just removed the plastic cover yesterday and was amazed. Look att he root coming through media.
 Cucumbers,Watermelon, and Cantaloupe started Dec 15 2011 6:30PM
 My Lady Cucumbers 82 hours and I placed them in buckets. EC 1.2PH 6.6
Two Tomato that have been in Aerator for weeks. I just added them to a bucket to see if I can get them to grow quicker. EC 1.2 PH 6.5

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homer Day Buckets for Drip System

                                                            Homer Buckets get Drilled.
                      The start of  drip system from a holding tank to buckets for Nutrients to feed plants.

Gromets inserted to bucket.

    Inside bucket to let Nutrients back to holding tank. Some nutrient I allowed to stay for plant roots.

                                                           Drilled with this style bit with ease.

          Half inch Gromet with pipe adaptors. I drilled holes roughly one inch from bottom of bucket. 
This would allow for nutirents to stay in system in case Electric failure for timer system.
               The rest of the nutrients will go back to a holding tank. The pump will drip to the future net pots.
                                                          Homer Lid Top Drilled for Net pot.
                                                                      Testing no leaks
                                                           Net Pot Inserted to top of lid.
                                                       I hate removing labels next project.

I washed the Clay balls small slits placed in bag bottom.
Then I rinsed bag filled with water. Then added bag to Homer bucket fill with water to top of bucket. Then removed Clay balls to Strainer which are for panning Gold. Rinsed again then they will be placed in Net pot. Seedling media plant will be added and filled around with clay balls.

This maybe my last time with this product. My future media will be made in USA.
I try my best to support American made. 
I flipped the bag over and I couldn't believe that it came across the ocean. Then to a warehouse to the retailer so far away. All that wasted energy to get it to me.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cucumbers Aeroponics 12/17/2011

They are growing leafs and roots look great .PH 6 EC 1.8 Small amount Kelp added 5PM cool weather.

Ginger Root Buds planting

Planting some Ginger root Buds Aerator being used in a reservoir.
 The rest of the Buds are placed  into a compost planter.The planter is to the south west out of direct wind and moderate light. Dec 17,2011
What ever happens it will be great to see Ginger shoots. If the Ginger shoots come up then die off I will dig up the Ginger roots. This should be in the fall of 2012. First try at Ginger Roots.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Starter Plugs Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Cucumbers.

Dec 15,2011
Stater Plugs for Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Cucumbers Seed inserted 1:00PM eastern.

I tried some in Sure To Grow Cubes a few days back now I will compare media.

Covered them in a Dome to have high humidity. Note no kickers were used plain water 7.5 PH
I will cut the PH back to 6 in a few days.
I added Eggplants 12 plugs 6:30 PM Dec 15 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aeroponics Cliff's Cucumbers

A few of my Plants I started in Sure To Grow  11/21/11seeds.  I love my cucumbers. As they grow more I will place them into other tanks. Rock mass seems to help for warmth and the Block home is a good heat sink.

Root Mass on on 12/13/11 look how nice and bright white roots. Soon they will hit the water level of the tank. Then I will move them into other tanks maybe two to a tank. Yesterday I added the String to show them the way to go to the roof suffit.
Plants are placed on my south wall in Florida.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Morning Garden Delight's

     There is nothing like picking fresh Squash Flower's for a Great Morning Dish.
                                  Fresh Tomato and Greens mixed for a Good Morning Breakfast.