Sunday, January 29, 2012

Collards and Turnip Greens helped our LDL and HDL

                                       Collards and Turnip Greens helped are HDL and LDL levels.
Our test came back after trying this alternative. Now we are on a serious mission to grow more of these greens. Our Winter garden is being tilled for the Spring crop. Another grow box will be made in the next few weeks. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Off The Vine Cucumbers Aeroponics

 Picked Jan 27,2012 Seedlings started Nov 21,2011
You can follow growth in Blog and on my Facebook. 
No Pesticides are used on Plants.
I see no insects on these plants so far. Lizards guard the plants.

 Plants went through some serious low Temps to 39 Degrees. Nutrients are added PH and Salts are tested.
No change in the tank nutrients were performed so far.
Warmth is from Heat sink of Concrete block wall on house.

                             One cut nice aroma great taste. Now to let them soak cool and then enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Georgia Collard Greens Fresh Picked and Served

                                            Georgia Collard Greens Fresh Picked form Garden.
                                     Garlic, onions, Collards, Walnuts, Cashews, Lemon  in Grape Oil.

Bird & Butterfly Plants 1262012

This is the new area added to yard in the past few weeks. Just a little at a time I will get the new plants in.
This area is the West wall that heats up in Southern, Fl.
I picked up some Live Oak trees from the Hurricanes that came through the area a few years back. Someone was to lazy to replant the trees that were up rooted. They threw them out to the trash I asked and they said help yourself. Trees are kept trimmed low for low growth.

I decided to make two Square Planters for the Butterfly and Bird's. I use Pine Straw which I rake up for free for the mulch and ground cover. I used a heavy commercial weed free barrier. Here I will add my rock collections and add a few water baths. The Birds already enjoy the Habitat.
More Flower's and plants will be added for the spring. I started plants  in the Butterfly House. Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Mix. Some of Marie's Thistle plants are placed in here for host.

These seeds were purchased at Home Depot good seeds. All Media mix is Cliff's Organic Compost mix.
Two parts Compost one part Perlite.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flower House Portable

New Flower House Portable adding new plants. Plus updates Cucumbers after 35 degree Weather.  Hoop House working out fine in cold.
 Plenty of space in this Portable Fold up model Very impressed with the product second day.

Adding more starter  plants and Aeroponics inside.  Grass was burned from frost plants appear to have made it. Mustard and Collards Turnip greens appear to be fine in ground.
                           Some Mildew Blight it appears on leafs Time to make a spray for the leafs.
                                            Green Lizard moved in to eat insects this morning.
                             Hoop House protecting starter plants. Soon being to be moved to Flower House.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Medium Seed Test

New Shipment Butterfly Seeds, Tomato, and Cucumber. Medium that is being tested Rockwool, Sure To Grow, Oasis Cubes, Starter Plugs, Organic Compost Mix.
 PH Tested for 5.50 area PH in Rockwool. All others basically PH neutral.  Testing different Medium for starter plants.
                                                           Seeds received Jan 3, 2012

          Row 1 Plugs, Row 2 Sure To Grow, 3 Oasis Cubes, 4 Rockwool, 5 Organic Compost and Peat.
1. Milkweed Butterfly Weed, 2. Gay Butterfly Weed, 3. Butterfly Weed, 4. Mix Butterfly Bush, 5.Miss Butterfly Butterfly Bush 6. Super sweet Cherry Tomato and my last two rows not shown in Plug flats. 7. Sweet Slice Cucumbers.
Seeds are small placed on White sheet glass. I wet small media and placed seed in holes. I covered seed lightly and moist with medium.

                                        Covered in Plastic Dome to keep moist for germination.

                           Tomato and Cucumbers will pop first. Butterfly seed will take 2 -3 weeks.
Blue Crown passion Flower seed is being soaked in warm tea and some seeds in warm milk for 12 hours prior to sowing. They will go into Oasis Cubes.
 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 24, 2012