Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper Hydroponics, and Dirt media plants.

My pepper plants can't take the heat they love it indoors for some reason with these plants. I call them my wimps. They like the cool air inside the house.

Tomato's are showing flowers. Cucumber plants are getting close to branching out in another week.
I trim all the bottom leafs to get a larger plant.  I will slow down on cutting them back.

These plants are taking 120 degree heat in the Butterfly House.

I'm also going to add some other pictures in this blog.

Watermellon,  Eggplant, Butterfly's and birds.
My wimp pepper plants one tomato some how ended up with the pepper I left it this way to grow.
I may graft them together I wonder what will happen.
Rear I added a large pond tank 70 Gallons I found months ago
at a yard sale for $5.  I cleaned it up to hold more Hydro mix for plants for the drip system. I cover the top  with hurricane panels. One minute timer is used to cycle on at different times of the day, I didn't close these bags on top area this time. Cucumbers are in perlite plastic 5 gallon bags  I close the  the side holes with duck tape.
I will eventually stop this procedure and use Dutch buckets in future or use my Homer Buckets.

                             I Cover the extra holes on tops of tanks with lids rock to hold them down.
                             One timer for fan to cool.
                             These are all my lovely lady plants no bees needed.
                                         I added  a electric fence to keep squirrels  off the feeder.
                                         Birds are safe but the squirrels think its a joke.
                                         They still love the shock I told them look out next time you will get burned.
                                         I will add another ground wire to increase the shock they think its funny!
                                         If that doesn't work I will buy a larger stronger unit.

                                       This butterfly came into the house attached to my shirt.
                                       She hopped right on my finger I noticed her life was coming to and end.
                                       Her wings were deforming. It was like she was saying thanks for all the
                                       wonderful host plants my wife and I planted this year.
                                         We had a lot of Butterfly's today it is well worth the time to help them.
                                         We spray none of our plants or yard with pesticides.

                                   Memorial day watermellon was hummy the 4th we will enjoy one more.
                                   This was our first watermellon next year I will grow more.

                          The Rocky Raccoon ate this tomato on us. Last night he ate part of a hot pepper.
                           Soon he will get an electric fence as well. The rabbits don't touch the garden.
                           They just eat on the ground with the birds and wait for animal cracker cookies.

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