Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bird & Butterfly Plants 1262012

This is the new area added to yard in the past few weeks. Just a little at a time I will get the new plants in.
This area is the West wall that heats up in Southern, Fl.
I picked up some Live Oak trees from the Hurricanes that came through the area a few years back. Someone was to lazy to replant the trees that were up rooted. They threw them out to the trash I asked and they said help yourself. Trees are kept trimmed low for low growth.

I decided to make two Square Planters for the Butterfly and Bird's. I use Pine Straw which I rake up for free for the mulch and ground cover. I used a heavy commercial weed free barrier. Here I will add my rock collections and add a few water baths. The Birds already enjoy the Habitat.
More Flower's and plants will be added for the spring. I started plants  in the Butterfly House. Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Mix. Some of Marie's Thistle plants are placed in here for host.

These seeds were purchased at Home Depot good seeds. All Media mix is Cliff's Organic Compost mix.
Two parts Compost one part Perlite.

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