Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Medium Seed Test

New Shipment Butterfly Seeds, Tomato, and Cucumber. Medium that is being tested Rockwool, Sure To Grow, Oasis Cubes, Starter Plugs, Organic Compost Mix.
 PH Tested for 5.50 area PH in Rockwool. All others basically PH neutral.  Testing different Medium for starter plants.
                                                           Seeds received Jan 3, 2012

          Row 1 Plugs, Row 2 Sure To Grow, 3 Oasis Cubes, 4 Rockwool, 5 Organic Compost and Peat.
1. Milkweed Butterfly Weed, 2. Gay Butterfly Weed, 3. Butterfly Weed, 4. Mix Butterfly Bush, 5.Miss Butterfly Butterfly Bush 6. Super sweet Cherry Tomato and my last two rows not shown in Plug flats. 7. Sweet Slice Cucumbers.
Seeds are small placed on White sheet glass. I wet small media and placed seed in holes. I covered seed lightly and moist with medium.

                                        Covered in Plastic Dome to keep moist for germination.

                           Tomato and Cucumbers will pop first. Butterfly seed will take 2 -3 weeks.
Blue Crown passion Flower seed is being soaked in warm tea and some seeds in warm milk for 12 hours prior to sowing. They will go into Oasis Cubes.
 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 24, 2012

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