Monday, March 19, 2012

Florida Native Wildflowers and Plants

Florida Native Wildflowers and plants being added to yard.
Slowly removing grass area's to be native.
March 19, 2012 grass removal and planting of Florida Wildflower seeds.
                             Pine Straw light coat to protect seeds  from hevy rain run off .
                             Seeds  were lightly raked into soil sand mainly and watered.
                                Oleander's will be removed in time for Native Shrubs.
      Butterfly plants and behind fence more grass was removed and Florida Native
      Wildflowers seeded  in rear fence area.                            
 Florida Native Plants with Pine Straw.


Areas where grass never grew from heat off Block wall of house.  I covered area with weed control fabric and placed Pine Straw over fabric. I made some boxes  and Butterfly plant seeds were added. This area had three cold fronts which hurt plants.

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