Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cucumbers Hydroponic the 4 Th Week 1.3 LBS +

                  They are starting to reach the ceiling and now I allowed them to spread out Horizontally.
                 After the third week I added a shade cloth which reduced temperature 20-25 degrees.
Excellent Tasting Nutty Fruity Crisp with skins on no seeds.
1.3 LBS Picked on 4th week after transplant. 10:00 am Harvest April 19, 2012.
Now I have a good idea of weight and size to harvest. I don't want these to get any larger..

1.1 LBS- 0.9--1.0 April 19, 2012
More to pick and clean off some leaf nodes.
Washed and wrapped  Plastic wrap and in Refrigerator.
I removed these Cucumbers April 19th. Leaf nodes were removed for better air flow.
These were 7 ounce Cucumbers. Flower house is getting crowded with Leaf nodes and Cucumbers.
I'm removing small cucumbers that are crooked to allow others to be straight.
 I need a larger area and to have removed Horizontal leaf nodes in the 3rd week.
I'm impressed with the quick growth  of these cucumbers.
The next set will be a different set up in the Flower House.
The other Flower House will Have Peppers and one will have Tomato's.
These cucumbers I allowed to stay on vine longer and they are huge. I will be cutting in the 4th week of transplant. I did increase feeding of these plants after the  third week.

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