Wednesday, April 11, 2012

European Seedless Cucumbers Third week of Transplants.

First Week Baby Cucumbers with flower in front.
Each Leaf gets a Cucumber some have Two.
First leafs I cut off to increase strength of stems.
All tenacles are removed each morning so they won't choke the Cucumbers.
I lost a few plants do to excessive heat in Florida.
When I build my main Greenhouse I will install a cooler to chill water.
Sinker was used to hold small starter plants down to media net basket. When I had enough stem of the plant I wrapped  tie lines in one direction. I do use plastic tie clamps on some of the stems.

I did these plants in a Rockwool Slab, Tanks, and Perlite filled media bags. All plants were started in Rockwool plugs. Ph range is Roughly 6.3-6.6 range. NPK range is slightly less then 1560 PPM's EC 700. I try to adjust to 1400 range for the excessive heat. If I push to 1560 PPM's I overdose the plants in this heat. I really need a chiller for these plants.

I mist the plants with water during the day.
Fan runs on timer to cool plants and air flow.

A quick screen was added to each Flower House door. Bug tape is hung to catch any fly's and nasty moth's.
This has kept all my Butterfly's out of the flower house area.
Rubbermaid Tanks are filled to 10 Gallons each and are stored in shade behind the Flower House.
Mix is checked with a Blue Lab Trucheon Nutrient Tester. This tester has been great.  I clean after every use with just a water rinse. It is also great  to use as a mixing stick.

Mixing formula is a by grams Nitrogen, Calcium, and Magnesium Sulphate. It took me sometime to get the right adjustment. I used my small Silver and Gold scale to measure the amounts. I do a number of pre-filled bags at a time. Then I do three to four Rubbermaid tanks to keep the main tank filled.

I used two Rubbermaid tanks at first Now I'm down to only one plant. The water got to hot and PPM's kicked up at night. A great awakening when I increased the PPM's. To much Nitrogen and Calcium kicked me up over night. One plant is on life support the other turned into toast.
This Nutrient formula is a new one for me to use. It takes some time to get use to a new Hydro Mix.
I do like it and will be ordering other mixes  for my Winter tomato and Herb plants.
Rockwool slab there is two plants in one bag. Plastic bags are one plant per 5 gallon bags.They are feed by drip system. I now have increased feeding as the plants develop more cucumbers. Plants are taking roughly 10 days per cucumber harvesting.

                                                    Baby Cucumbers with Flowers in front.

                 Baby Cucumbers there is three different European Seedless Cucumbers being grown.
                                 Third Week Cucumbers will be harvested then leaf node removed.
                                               Shade cloth was added and a Mist tank timer.
Cool front came in last night and more cool weather expected over weekend.  My Toasted plant came alive this morning with a baby Cucumber.
                                                      Picked and tested April 13. 2012.
Wife say's nothing can compare this great tasting Cucumber. Nutty Fruity Flavor!  I'm addicted to these Great Girl's. No pealing of the skin excellent quality.Weight was 8 ounces more time on vine will add weight and extra feeding and temps.

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