Sunday, January 6, 2013

Seedlings Rockwool and Sure To Grow Cubes.

These Seedlings were started Dec 26, 2012 Picture taken Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 NPK was added 1.2 EC to each cube.
Cubes on right small tray are separated for 11-11-40 Peppers. Hydro Mix 1.2 EC.
Other's in tray are 4-18-38 Tomato Mix 1.2 EC
Small heater pad was used to keep the sedlings warm.
A dome was installed on top of tray.  Wet moist Sure to Grow pad was placed on top for three day's until seedling popped through.
These new seedlings are in Rockwool cubes and Sure To Grow cubes. Planted 01/6/13 Cucumbers,  Peppers, and Eggplant, Watermellon. They will be separated when they pop then PK will be added.
Wet moist Sure to Grow pad was installed on top of cubes then a Dome installed over cubes.  Heating pad is being used below tray on low temp to keep them warmer.

1/10/13 update removed the Cucumber which went into the 4x4 inch Grodan blocks.
1/10/13 Cuccumbers and Squash placed into 4x4 inch Grodan blocks Plastic feed covers added to upper. Later they will go into the slabs. and feed tubes will go into the plastic covers.
I have reduced my cucumber production there is only so much I can use and give away.
Note  Cucumbers and squash get their first Nutrients 1.2 EC. This growth is less then 4 day's.
Soon I will tie these to go higher and clip growth leafs.
Then they will go into the slabs in Flower House.
They will all grow verticle.

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