Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homer Day Buckets for Drip System

                                                            Homer Buckets get Drilled.
                      The start of  drip system from a holding tank to buckets for Nutrients to feed plants.

Gromets inserted to bucket.

    Inside bucket to let Nutrients back to holding tank. Some nutrient I allowed to stay for plant roots.

                                                           Drilled with this style bit with ease.

          Half inch Gromet with pipe adaptors. I drilled holes roughly one inch from bottom of bucket. 
This would allow for nutirents to stay in system in case Electric failure for timer system.
               The rest of the nutrients will go back to a holding tank. The pump will drip to the future net pots.
                                                          Homer Lid Top Drilled for Net pot.
                                                                      Testing no leaks
                                                           Net Pot Inserted to top of lid.
                                                       I hate removing labels next project.

I washed the Clay balls small slits placed in bag bottom.
Then I rinsed bag filled with water. Then added bag to Homer bucket fill with water to top of bucket. Then removed Clay balls to Strainer which are for panning Gold. Rinsed again then they will be placed in Net pot. Seedling media plant will be added and filled around with clay balls.

This maybe my last time with this product. My future media will be made in USA.
I try my best to support American made. 
I flipped the bag over and I couldn't believe that it came across the ocean. Then to a warehouse to the retailer so far away. All that wasted energy to get it to me.

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