Saturday, December 31, 2011

Compost Organic Mix with Perlite

Today I picked up some clips from Staples to fasten the the plastic to the Hoop House.
I added Ten Five Gallon pails of Perlite 8 cubic feet rgh. to the Four Foot by eight  foot box frame. I then added 20 Five gallon pails of the Organic Mix 16 cubic feet rgh.  I decided not to use any Sphagnum Moss. This Organic Mix looks excellent and it will be a good trial run for 2012.
This box was  made with 2" x 8" PT wood.  The medium material is to much I feel for this box. I will be filling containers to remove some material.  Then again when the material is wet it will be lower in the box.
Caution use dusk mask and glasses when mixing.  After I added the first Ten gallons of damp Organic dust came down. Please read all instructions from MFG prior to using any product.
 Two 4 cubic bags 36 lbs rgh.
 Ten gallons of Organic Mix.
 Twenty Gallons of Organic Mix.
30 Gallons Perlite and Organic Mix. No water added to lower in box frame.
The Big paper clips appears that they will hold the poly.  I won't be adding seed to this box until later in 2012.
I will be using this box at first for filling containers for butterfly plants.
While working on a Monarch Butterfly came up to my face. It flew over to my Bolted Collard Flower took some nectar and flew way up 100 feet or more in the sky over some large Pine trees.
Have A Great New Year!

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